Splendid Finds: The Archaeological Excavations at the Royal Cemetery of Haihunhou Kingdom in Han Dynasty
March 2, 2016 – June 26, 2016 9:00 - 17:00 (closed on Mondays) Room A, B1
——Exhibition Overview——

The excavation and the protection of the Han Dynasty burial site of Haihunhou Kingdom which is located near Nanchang, Jiangxi Province have been listed as the key focus among other archaeological projects by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. The discovery of the treasures not only draws a nationwide attention, but also is counted as the top class archaeological work, the top class archaeological preserved project, andthe top class exhibition according to State Administration of Cultural Heritage. Sound excavations at the cemetery site is carefullyand accurately arranged and carried out under the support from the local cultural authorities, the local government and national professionals who helped out with the archaeological process to uncover the mystery of the Haihunhou Kingdom and its age.

Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology attributes to the whole archaeological work at the excavation site covering an area of 10,000 square meters. There is the royal tomb of King Haihunhou including the main tomb chamber, resting chambers, and chariots pits as well as tombs of his concubines. More than 10,000 pieces of treasures are discovered. Probing of surroundings of the cemetery within 1,000,000 square meters area basically could identify the actual location of the capital of Haihunhou Kingdom, the Zijin city, which is at present day Xinjian District in Nanchang. King Haihunhou Liu He’s tomb, other tombs of kings titled with Haihunhou, tombs of noble family members and tombs of common people are the major ruins in the mausoleum compound. Experts have declared that this compound is the best-preservedcemetery among kingdoms of the Han Dynasty withthe most complete tomb structure, the clearest ancient city layout, and the richest and the most luxurious items ever discovered in China by far.The discovery of the cemetery of Haihunhou not only supports us to understand the history of Jiangxi but also gives us a great picture of political status, economic development, social conditions, and culturalachievements of the Western Han Dynasty.

Amazing finds unearthed at the Haihunhou Kingdom excavation site and the protections of these treasures are receiving enthusiastic response from the public. There are more than 300 pieces of representative unearthed objects available for this special exhibition which dedicates to satisfying audience’s curiosity. Display of the royal cemetery of Haihunhou with all-round viewing angle allows us to get a close-up on mysterious and glorious history of the kingdom.

——Exhibition Objects——
Haihunhou Kingdom 11
Haihunhou Kingdom 10
Haihunhou Kingdom 9
Haihunhou Kingdom 8
Haihunhou Kingdom 7
Haihunhou Kingdom 6
Haihunhou Kingdom 5
Haihunhou Kingdom 4
Haihunhou Kingdom 3
Haihunhou Kingdom 2
Haihunhou Kingdom 1
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