Reading the City — Discovering the Charm of Beijing Quadrangles
July 15, 2017 - July 15, 2018 9:00 - 17:00 (closed on Mondays) Room O (Waterscape Garden), B1
——Exhibition Overview——

Square courtyards, straight alleyways, gray roof tiles, blackish green shades, small and large gatehouses, sturdy door piers, flying pigeons, respectful salutations... All these comprise people's first impressions of Beijing. Quadrangles, witness to all these things, carry thousand years of traditional Chinese culture. Yet, what makes quadrangles so beautiful and splendid? On July 15, 2017, this question could be answered by the exhibition "Reading the City—Discovering the Charm of Beijing Quadrangles". 

As the second phase of an ongoing project, this exhibition is another masterpiece launched after "Reading the City - Searching for Historical Beijing City". The exhibition follows the previous concept and creative mode of taking teenagers as the core audience, makes breakthroughs in the traditional experience provided by museums, and attracts teenagers to maximize their participation in the experience through multiple channels and perspectives. The process of exploring and learning can help equip them with the ability of active observation, diligent thinking and innovation.

The quadrangle has been taken as a traditional type of habitation with a history stretching back thousands of years. Beijing has long been composed of countless large and small courtyards of this kind. The exhibition highlights the beauty of traditional Chinese culture through the beauty of the patterns created by Beijing Quadrangles, the beauty of color decoration, the beauty of order, the beauty of life, and the recording of creative beauty. Visitors to the exhibition will not only be able to understand the history of Beijing City and its quadrangles, but also enjoy bright Chinese colors, draw exquisite auspicious patterns, learn the traditional rules and etiquette, and feel the joyful emotions exclusive to Beijing Quadrangles. 

We also offer a fun and informative interactive device, by which you can "build" your own quadrangle, enjoy giant books and multimedia experience of traversing the past and the modern world. Exhibits are not abundant, but they are certainly very unique. Among them, 17 sets of old objects and over 200 sets of exhibits form one of the highlights. With unique display mode and reconstruction of scene, you will vividly feel the idyllic scenery in the courtyards of ancient Beijing.

——Exhibition Objects——
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