Edo and Beijing - City and Life in the 18th Century
February 8, 2017 - April 9, 2017 Tokyo Edo Museum
——Exhibition Overview——

In the 18th century, Beijing and Edo, as the respective capitals of China and Japan, showed of their prosperity, each being a significant metropolis. This exhibition shows the prosperous Edo in the era of the Shogunate, and flourishing Beijing in the pre-Qing Dynasty period from different perspectives through well-chosen exhibits spread over three halls, from the macro-urban functions and planning to the details of common people's life, and to colorful urban arts. The exhibition consists of three chapters. The first chapter is "City and Governance of Edo and Beijing", the second is "Urban Life in Edo and Beijing", and the third is "Qing Dynasty Culture and Art in Beijing". In the same era, the similarities and differences between the two cities and their material life reflect the commonalities and uniqueness of the two countries' cultures.

Since 2002, the Capital Museum and the Tokyo Edo Museum have conducted various cooperation and exchange programs through the platform of "International Museum Seminar of China, Japan and South Korea". This exhibition is one of the achievements of Chinese and Japanese cooperation. The exhibition not only strengthens the relationship between the two museums, but also serves as a grand occasion for cultural exchange between the two cities and even the two countries. According to the plan, in 2018, "Beijing and Tokyo - City and Life in the 18th Century" will be held in the Capital Museum.

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——Exhibition Objects——
Edo 2017-9
Edo 2017-8
Edo 2017-7
Edo 2017-6
Edo 2017-5
Edo 2017-4
Edo 2017-3
Edo 2017-2
Edo 2017-1
Edo 2017-16
Edo 2017-15
Edo 2017-14
Edo 2017-13
Edo 2017-12
Edo 2017-11
Edo 2017-10
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