Humanistic Pursuit in Courtyard

March 10, 2017 Multifunction Room, Capital Museum

Lecturer: Tan Liefei

Tan Liefei is the vice president of the Beijing Institute of history, deputy director and academic committee director of Beijing Geographic Information Office, and deputy editor of magazine Annals of Beijing. He has been doing researches on the urban planning and construction, economy, culture, historical gardens and labor movement in the capital city.

Brief Introduction to Courtyards

Although used for residential buildings, courtyards are carriers of Chinese traditional culture, which can be proved by the following:

First, the constructive conception of courtyard represents "harmony between man and nature," with architecture built in accordance with nature and combined with people's thoughts and feelings.

Second, the features of the courtyard indicate harmonious interpersonal relationships, presenting social customs such as respect to hierarchy, virtue and seniority.

And finally, the courtyard is an artistic work expressing people's best wishes for life.

In this activity, the structure, features and artistic characteristics of courtyards will be introduced to students, and they will learn how to set up a model festooned gate.


Registration Date: March, 2017

Please arrive at Multi-fuction Hall 10 minutes in advance and prepare ID card for getting tickets if they are not booked in advance.