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Since the establishment of Capital Museum, we have got sufficient supports from people from all walks of life. Here we only give a few examples, and we show our respect to all units and individuals who have supported the development of Chinese museums and have given help and supports to Capital Museum.

• Mr. Ma Chongren, son of Ma Lianliang, donated to Capital Museum the costumes of Mr. Ma Lianliang used during his lifetime, scripts and other precious opera relics.

• Mr. Suo Daming donated to Capital Museum the old Beijing's Courtyard (Siheyuan) gates, street signs, doorplates, glass refrigerator (of the late Qing Dynasty) and other large amount of relics recording the development history of old Beijing.

• Guo Musun donated the 16mm movie camera (USA) and the 16mm movie projector (USA) bought by his father Mr. Guo Chengen when he founded The Crafts and Refining Energy Company of China (the predecessor of China's chemical industry) in Shanghai.

• Jin Guangqun ( the famous editor of former Beijing Publishing House ), the pioneer of the compilation of tourist maps of China, donated tourist maps, 312 sets of books, including the tourist maps of Beijing's famous parks in different years.

• Li Binsheng, a well-known folk artistand cartoonist, donated a western bracket clock.

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