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The new Capital Museum is located on west Chang'an Avenue. If you are enthusiastic about public-interest activities, you will surely want to join us and contribute your efforts to the museum. Hoping to provide all volunteers with a platform to display their talents and serve the society, we hereby invite all who are public-minded and have a love for the development of museums to join our volunteers. Please take note of the following information:


1. To show a clear love for cultural relics and for a museum career; candidates with a relevant background, such as knowledge and experience in historical folklore, historical relic archeology, education, art history, graphic design or media production, are preferred;

2. Physically and mentally healthy, generous and easygoing; showing a strong sense of responsibility and team awareness, good language and communication skills, proficient in the use of Mandarin;

3. People aged between 18 and 62 who live, work or study in Beijing on a long-term basis;

4. Able to render services at the Museum when required, and ensure availability for at least 25 occasions (50 hours) in a year;

5. Abide by every regulation of the Museum.


Please pay attention to the recruitment information that will be uploaded onto the website of the Capital Museum.

Telephone Consultation           

Call +86 (10) 63363388 to 2324 for more information.

1. Consultation period: 9: 30-11: 00, 14: 00-16: 00 (every Tuesday to Friday).

2. We cannot answer questions other than those about recruitment. Applications cannot be made via the phone.

How to Obtain the Application Form            

Please click here to download the volunteer application form.

If you love the museum as much as we do;

If you are willing to share with an audience Beijing's long history and culture;

If you want to show your dedication and cares for public interest; 

Join the Capital Museum volunteer team now!