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From the Director


The Capital Museum of China is a comprehensive museum affiliated with the municipal government of Beijing. It is committed to displaying Beijing's 500,000 years of history of human settlement, 3,000 years of urban history and 800 years of history as the capital of China. What is more, the museum is responsible for the collection, collation, restoration, research and preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the Beijing region. Furthermore, it stands as an important site of cultural exchange between the new Beijing and the larger world.  

In the Capital Museum's eleven core exhibition rooms lie collections of cultural relics comprising more than one million tangible and documentary artifacts, including numerous exquisite works of art and precious historical objects. These invaluable relics serve as collective evidences of the robust creativity and lasting vitality of the great and ancient nation of China.

The three temporary exhibition rooms of the Capital Museum are often used to house first-class exhibits from around China and the world. These exhibitions epitomize the city of Beijing's readiness to embrace different cultures and peoples from around the globe. At the same time, they reflect both the uniformity and the diversity of humanity's historical and cultural development.

Friends from home and abroad, we invite you all to visit the website of the Capital Museum and get to know Beijing and China a little better. You are also welcome to visit the Capital Museum to see into the past and present of Beijing and China — and perhaps to see into yourself a little better as well.