Smile of Khmer: Cambodian Ancient Cultural Relics and Art
December 26, 2014 – March 25, 2015 9:00 - 17:00 (closed on Mondays) Room D, F3
——Exhibition Overview——

Ancient Cambodia was once known as the Angkor Kingdom of the ancient Khmer people who inhabited the area. "Angkor" marked the heyday of ancient Khmer culture, which left an immortal architectural and sculptural art mode, focused on Angkor Wat as its most notable and unique achievement. The majority of the cultural relics in the exhibition are from Angkor, and this is the first time ever for a large exhibit of "Angkor art" to be seen in Beijing.

The ancient arts masterpieces lent by the National Museum of Cambodia mostly highlight large sandstone statues. The statues are made in quiet and elegant style, and are typical symbols of the classical Buddhist Art of Southeast Asia. Furthermore, there are examples of ancestral temple architectures, with vivid various styles and patterns and superb carving skills, representing the complex religious systems and history of Cambodia.

"Angkor art" is the reflection of the prosperity and glory of the Angkor dynasty, as well as significant achievement during a period of great prosperity created by the Khmer people. We believe that the exhibition will bring a comprehensive brand-new visual experience to audiences drawn from all walks of life.

——Exhibition Objects——
Smile of Khmer 9
Smile of Khmer 8
Smile of Khmer 6
Smile of Khmer 5
Smile of Khmer 4
Smile of Khmer 3
Smile of Khmer 2
Smile of Khmer 1
Smile of Khmer 7
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——Exhibition Galleries——
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