Auspicious Moon Rabbit

October 4, 2017 Colorful Room, B1 20 groups of parent-child families (aged 8-12)

"Reading the City - Discovering the Charm of Beijing Quadrangles" -  Series of Special Educational Activities in the National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival

"There was no rouge on the face, but only a thin red line drawn on the mouth, oiled; two slender white ears were lightly painted with light red; thus, the bunny's face takes on a handsome look..."  A few words from Lao She are enough to depict the image of the rabbit. Legends such as Chang E flying to the moon, Wu Gang chopping down the cassia tree, Jade Rabbit grinding medicine are long standing; while customs in the Mid-Autumn Festival such as offering sacrifices to the moon, enjoying the glorious moon, worshiping the moon, having moon cakes, admiring osmanthus flowers and drinking osmanthus wine have been inherited from our ancestors. The full moon symbolizes the reunion of families, and is used by people to express their homesickness and longing for meeting with their families. How do children in the courtyards spend the Mid-Autumn Festival? Let's feel it! 


Registration Date: October, 2017

  1. 1. If unable to attend for personal reasons, please cancel your application on Wechat, so as not take up the limited places unnecessarily.

  2. 2. If more than 15 minutes late, entry will not be possible on that day.

  3. 3. Absence without advance notification will affect any future applications, thanks for your cooperation!