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Cultural Relic Protection and Technology


• Study on the Three Jade Belt Hooks Excavated from Wanli Emperor's Tomb of Ding Mausoleum in the Ming Dynasty

Zhao Ruiting, Yu Ping, Song Lei & Gao Shangwu

• Study on the Materials of the Paintings on the Head of Buddha Statue Excavated from Longxing Temple in Qingzhou, Shandong, China

Li Qianqian, Zhou Linlin, Wei Shuya & Ma Qinglin

• Protection and Disease Characteristic of the Underwater Stone Carving Relics

Bao Chunlei, Liu Aihong, Jia Shijie & Fu Yan

Theoretical Research

• The Overview on Studies of the History of Museums in the Initial Stage of the People's Republic of China in Recent Thirty Years

Xu Ling

• Analysis of the Theme Evolution of Chinese Museum Education Research in Recent Thirty Years

Liu Di, Liu Junjie, Zhou Mo & Zhang Faliang

• The Representation of Ethnic Minorities: Early Practice of Chinese Eco-museum Activities

Yin Kai

• An Ideal Participatory Museum:Taking Wellcome Collection, London as an Enlightenment

Qin Qing

• World History from the Perspective of Globalization:One Aspect of the AHWO

Yan Zhi

• Creative Thinking in the Multidimensional Design of Exhibitions in Museums

Lin Zhongyi

• The Sound Exhibition of Musical Relics

Cao Jie

Museum Practice

• The Strategic Development for Small and Middle Sized Museums

Guan Zhanxiu

• Inquiry and Research on the Setting of Museum Collection on the Website

Yang Xiaoyan

Design and Implementation of the Palace Museum's Relic Restoration Management System

Shi Xiumin & Jiang Buyun

• Photography Method and Technique of Ru Ware Porcelain in Digita l Era

Li Fan

Exhibition Review

• Education is Life Itself:The Review on "Exploring Beijing's City Walls and Moats in History"

Shang Chenwen

• From Design Idea to Curation Practice: The Review on the Exhibition "Encounter the Dreaming Land" in Auther M Sackler's Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University

Wang Siyu