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Museum Cognition and Communication


• Interpretative Planning and Interpretative Planner: Cultural Interpretations and Visitor Experiences of Museum Exhibition

Chen Shen, He Jianfei

• On the Essence and Development of the Relationship between Museum Communication and Audience Cognition

Zhou Liying

• Museum Academic Communication: Theory and Practice in Shaanxi History Museum

Yang Jin

• Content or Container? Museology as a Discipline

Riemer R. Knoop, Translated by Jie Xu

• Construction of Spatial Narrative Exhibition

Jie Xu

• The Review on Information Communication Model of Museums

Huang Yang 

Theoretical Research

• Dipamkara Buddha Stupa and Its Cultural Relics at Ciqu Village, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Xing Peng

• The Problems Reflected in the Headlight or Backlight Decoration of Radial Line on the Buddhist Statues and Murals

Ran Wanli

• Discussion on the Early Stage Bronzes in the Golden Tripod Records

Zhu Guanghua

• The Discovery and Value of Inscription on the Gravestone of He Yi Family in the Southern Song Dynasty

Ma Tao

• A Study on Hongwu Blue and White Lidded Pot with Flower Sprays

Pei Yajing

Museum Practice

• The Attempting Discussion about the Council System of National Marine Museum

Yuan Shengwen, Zhang Guowen, Chen Zuyuan & Wang Tingting

• A Study on Enlivening the Cultural Relics of the Counter-Japanese War

Shen Tianying


• Bring the Sinking History into Life: An Interview with the Curatorial Team for the Exhibition "Searching for the Cruiser CHIH YUAN" in Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University

Shang Chenwen

• Memory and Peace: An Interview with Zhu Chengshan, the Former Curator of The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders

Huang Tianyi