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Preliminary Study on the Culture of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei


• The Characteristics and Influences of the Existing Heritage Components of the Grand Canal in Beijing Area

Chen Teng, Wang Jing & Zhao Yun

• The Restoration and Utilization of the Great Wall

Wang Fulong

• A Brief Discussion on the Integration and In-depth Development of the Great Wall Tourism Resources of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei-Shanxi Region

Zhang Xianzhong

• Planning Study on the of the Tourism District Large Heritage Sites in the Culture Belt of Beijing Western Hills

Liu Jiangang

• Research on the Construction and Structure of Garrison Cities in the District around Capital in Qing Dynasty

Zhu Yongjie

• Intangible Heritage Protection in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region: Inspiration from the Performance of Traditional Huahui Parade

Li Caiping

• The Study of Fuel Used in Capital Area in Yuan Dynasty

Ding Chao

Theoretical Research

• Local or National: The Research on the Transformation of Chorography Museum in the Early Period of New China

Zhao Huijun

• Museum Learning Media: Analysis on the Means of Expressions of Children's Exhibitions

Zhou Jingjing

• The Research on Remnant Inscription of "Shu Stone Scripture" Collected in Sichuan Museum

Lei Ling

• Shi Dabin and Purple Clay Wares of Ming Dynasty

Ye Qian, Hu Chuansong

Museum Practice

• A Preliminary Study about the Management of Volunteers in the Museum: The Practice of Sichuan Museum

Zheng Xiaoping, Zhou Jinxuan

• The Reflection of Constructing an Engaging Museum: Taking Yunnan Nationalities Museum as an Example

Huang Yingdan

• When Museums Encounter Luxury Goods: The Mode, Argument and Origin of Museum Brand Cooperation

Qin Qing

• The Application of 3D Printing Technology in Artifact Restoration and Conservation

Shi Ningchang, Qu Liang, Gao Fei & Shui Wuyang