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Museum's Acquisition, Display and Interpretation Under a Perspective of Anthropology


From Object-oriented to People-oriented: A Reflection on the Museum Idea

Yin Kai

To Whom does Museum Belong: Museums and Public Participation

Shi Mingli

Museums: How to Deal with Sensitive Topics?

Ma Ping, Pan Shouyong

The Contemporary Expression of Ethnographic Collections in Ethnographic Museums

Wang Yahao

Exhibition and Anthropological Interpretation of Cultural Heritage in the Minority Regions in the Digital Era : A Case Study of Xiu-ba Watchtowers Construction

Yu Hwa, Chen Siliang

An Anthropological Study on Ecomuseums and Heritage Tourism: Taking Zhenshan Buyi Ecomuseum in Guizhou as an Example

Liu Junjun, Jin Lu

Function Orientation and Development Policy in Guangxi Ethnographic Film Festival

Liang Xiaoyan

Theoretical Research

The Audience Research on Exhibition Topics: Purposes and Practices

Chen Shen, Zhao Xingyu

The Research on Funeral System in Qing Dynasty: The Transformation from Cremation to Inhumation

Wu Hongbo

Exploration to Fachuan Hall in Kaiyuan Temple at Zhengding

Liu Youheng, Du Ning

The Role of Bao Character Style for the Object Dating from Bronze Ding Cauldron on Made for Envoy Jin

Zhang Quanli

A Survey Study on the Construction of Museum Periodicals in Guangdong Area

Wen Bing

The Other Mirror Attunements Us: The Academic Value of Research on Education Activities of Museum

Xu Ling

The Guideline of Managing Museum Volunteers: Introduction to Recruiting and Managing Volunteers in Museums: A Handbook of Volunteer Management

Liu Jianbo

Museum Practice

Museum, How to Make Your Cultural Relics Alive? /Wang JindingExplore the Development Path of Museum through Internet Plus: A Case Study of Nanjing Museum Administration

Luo Xiaoli

From Conception to Completion: The Organization and Installation of Age of Empires: Chinese Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties

Zhixin Sun

A Brief Discussion on the Planning of Temporary Archaeological Exhibition: Take the Exhibitions "The Archaeological Excavations at the Royal Cemetery of Haihunhou Kingdom in Han Dynasty" and "40th Anniversary of Excavating the Shang Tomb of Fu Hao" as Examples

Yang Wenying

On the Application of Light and Shadow Interaction: A Case Study of Guangdong Incorruptible Cultural Relics Virtual Exhibition

Wu Zhou

Two Examples of the Application of Modern Multimedia Technology in Chinese Traditional Restoration Work

Li Tao

Exhibition Review

Jiangnan in the Eyes of a Korean Scholar: A Record of Drifting Across the Sea Exhibition in Zhejiang Museum

Wang Jiayue