Living in Plenty After Hard Work for a Whole Year

January 1, 2018 Colorful Room, B1 20 groups of parent-child families (aged 6-10)

A common saying is: "may you always get fish (yu)", whereby "yu" is a homophone for "may you always get a surplus (yu)" in Chinese, which is one of the most typical blessings in Chinese traditional fortune-culture. It wishes for people to have a well-off life, with superfluous wealth and food. Besides, velvet flowers (rong hua) are a homophone for a "lustrous complexion" (rong hua), which stands for riches and honor, and is an auspicious blessing. Thus, Chinese would decorate their house with velvet flowers during the Dagon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festivals. Combining the two elements of "fish" and "flowers" in the Capital Museum we will provide a strong festival atmosphere.


Registration Date: January, 2018

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