'Tour to Discover the Beauty of Quadrangle Courtyard' Activities- Inheriting the Beauty of Ancient Architectural Decoration

June 10, 2017 Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum 30 persons (aged 13-15)

"Tour to Discover the Beauty of Quadrangle Courtyard" Activities are large-scale outdoor experience activities of the "Reading the City - Discover the Beauty of Beijing Quadrangle Courtyard" Project. On the 12th China Cultural Heritage Day, we will continue to lead everyone into the Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum in the Temple of Agriculture, the royal altar temple. There, we will appreciate the ancient decorations of architecture and feel the cultural connotations and craftsmen's technique that lie underneath. When you have marveled at the exquisite beauty of ancient decorations of architecture, a more unexpected experience is still waiting for you. 

Please sign in at the front door 20 minutes before the activity starts. Students should bring their student ID card. 


Registration Date: June, 2017

  1. 1. If unable to attend for personal reasons, please cancel your application on Wechat, so as not take up the limited places unnecessarily.

  2. 2. If more than 15 minutes late, entry will not be possible on that day.

  3. 3. Absence without advance notification will affect any future applications, thanks for your cooperation!