Stories in Quadrangle Courtyards –– Summer Study Tour

August 1-15, 2017 Capital Museum 20 persons (aged 12-15, including foreign students in Beijing fluent in oral Chinese)

How will you spend your summer vacation this year? Do you want some special memory of summer? Do you want to find out what are the interesting things behind the gates of a courtyard? Do you want to hear the pomegranate trees tell us the story in the courtyard?

 If you do, you can get it at our special summer trip, by which you will know in advance the wonderful content of the "Read the City—Traditional Culture in Courtyards", and also have opportunities to be a little cultural ambassador who explains the content for audience. Besides, since it is a study tour, we will take you to see and hear various stories of quadrangle courtyards. Join us!


Registration Date: August, 2017

  1. 1. If unable to attend for personal reasons, please cancel your application on Wechat, so as not take up the limited places unnecessarily.

  2. 2. If more than 15 minutes late, entry will not be possible on that day.

  3. 3. Absence without advance notification will affect any future applications, thanks for your cooperation!