Introduction of the Skills of Picture Re-mounting

January 11, 2017 Ceremony Hall, Capital Museum 15 people

Are you interested in the programs of exploring and exposing secrets? If so, come to the Capital Museum. We will uncover one of the many secrets of the Museum. Picture re-mounting is a very complicated technical job, and the Craftsmen of the Center for Rehabilitation and Conservation of Relics will show you a new technology - biological enzymes.

Activity Time: January 11, 2017 at 14:30

Venue: Round Counter, Ceremony Hall, Capital Museum

Capacity: 15 people


Registration Date: January, 2017

  1. 1. If unable to attend due to personal reasons, please cancel your application on WeChat, as places are limited.

  2. 2. Parents to participate in the activity must sign in on the spot with children's ID card.

  3. 3. If you arrive 15 minutes late, entry will be forfeited.

  4. 4. Absence without notification in advance will affect future applications for our activities, thanks for your cooperation!