Best Wishes from the Auspicious Dog - Celebrating the Spring Festival in Museum
February 8, 2018 - March 18, 2018 9:00 - 17:00 (closed on Mondays) Room M, B1
——Exhibition Overview——

Exhibition Theme: "Best Wishes from the Auspicious Dog", as part of the series of exhibitions titled "Celebrating the Spring Festival in Museum", has three objectives, the first being to introduce Chinese Zodiac culture. 

The exhibition, held at the turn of every year, will help the audience to understand the profound connotations, wisdom and historical culture of the Chinese Zodiac animals through displays and explanations of relevant relics. 

Second, taking the relationship between dogs and humans as the main theme and combining cultural relics, pictures and historical facts, the exhibition objectively and vividly presents the audience with the assistance that dogs have given us throughout history; their significance and the trust and dependence formed in the process of long-term coexistence, and their cultural image that symbolizes peace and fortune. Moreover, it also displays dogs' brave, loyal and responsible characters. In doing so, we aim to advocate to the audience the love of our human partners and their awareness of the importance of the equal and harmonious relationship between humans and animals, so that the audience will understand why protecting animals means also protecting us human beings. 

Third, it is intended to demonstrate a dogs' auspicious and festival folk culture. Integrating the Chinese Zodiac culture and Chinese Spring Festival culture, it is imbued with the element of "Luck" no matter its content or form, because "Luck" not only represents Chinese people's mindset of "Praying for blessing", but also embodies our wish for the audience to have a lucky new year.

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——Exhibition Objects——
Auspicious Dog 4
Auspicious Dog 3
Auspicious Dog 2
Auspicious Dog 1
Auspicious Dog 11
Auspicious Dog 10
Auspicious Dog 9
Auspicious Dog 8
Auspicious Dog 6
Auspicious Dog 5
Auspicious Dog 7
Dog 12
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