Best Wishes from the Auspicious Dog - Celebrating the Spring Festival in Museum
February 8, 2018 - March 18, 2018 Time: 9:00—17:00 (closed on Mondays) Venue: Room M, B1
——Exhibition Overview——

2. Dog the Guardian of Safety

According to the current archaeological findings, dogs were the earliest animals domesticated by human beings in China, as early as ten thousand years ago. As humans domesticated dogs, they gained a lot of experience, which laid the foundation for the domestication of more farm animals. This is highly significant in the development of human civilization. In the long-term relationship between humans and dogs, dogs have always been a good helper and loyal company to our life and work. They provide us access to more resources and better living conditions through their alertness and courage; they show their fidelity through protecting our houses and fruits of labor; they stay with their masters so that they will not feel lonely. All in all, dogs are loyal guardians of family wealth and life.  

3.  Jade Pendant Reward

"You gave me a papaya while I gave you a jade pendant in return. It is for being friends forever. You gave me a peach while I gave you a beautiful stone in return. It is for being friends forever. You gave me a plum while I gave you a black gem in return. It is for being friends forever."

These are lines from The Book of Songs, which indicates that humans value relationships and uphold righteousness. Historically, dogs have provided tremendous help to mankind's production and life. People appreciate their dedication, respect their courage and loyalty, and as a way of being kind to partners and cherishing their friendship, many regions and nations have formed cultural customs of loving and respecting dogs. In the auspicious meaning of traditional Chinese culture, dogs have also become a symbol of peace, wealth and joy in people's lives.


Humans are never alone in the world. Mountains, rivers, followers, the sky, birds and beasts are all gifts from heaven. Dear friends, you have accompanied us for ten thousand years, we will cherish your company and never part with you! Fidelity and responsibility are great virtues, gratitude and care are splendors of human characters. Beings are all equal. A harmonious world requires the efforts of all. We wish we can befriend the animals living in the same world as us forever!

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