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The Definition and Future of Museum


Aims and Issues of the Museum Definition

François Mairesse

• A New Museums Definition: Ethical Approaches and Roles of a Museum in a Changing Society and in a New Museological Context

Martin R. Schärer

• Rethinking the Definition of Museum in the 21st Century in the Light of Their Social Functions

Chen Kuo-ning

• Museum: Operational Concept of the Term

Truevtseva O.N.

• Some Remarks toward the ICOM Museum Definition

Jan Dolák

• Rethinking the Museum in the 21st Century: An Approach to a Contemporary Museum Definition

Hildegard K. Vieregg

• Current Trend of Museum and Education in Malaysia

Janet Tee Siew Mooi

• Tomorrow's Issues of Intangible Heritage in Museums in the Context of Global Mass Tourism

Philippe Mairot

Theoretical Research

• The Two-way Communication Model of Museum: An Attempt to Strengthen the Learning Effect of Audience

Wang Liduo

• Exhibition Research and Design from the Perspective of Education and Communication: On the Direction and Thinking of the Exhibition Design Innovation of Science and Technology Museum

Zhu Youwen

• Zhang Yuecheng and Tonggutang: Research of Lu Xun's Seal Collection

Zhang Juan

• Restoration and Research of the Fifty Yuan Copper Intaglio Plate Engraved with Gate of Qing ( Issued by Government Bank of the Great Qing)

Wei Sangang

Museum Practice

• From Guimet and the MET to the National Museum of China: Different Explanations of Qin and Han Dynasties Cultural Relics

Chen Yantang

• Reflection on the Globalization of Museums: Begining with Several Temporary Exhibitions of the World's Three Largest Museums

Zhang Yan, Zhang Weixing

• Consolidation and Expansion of Museum Basic Mission under "Internet Plus" Context

Huang Xueyin

• Exhibition Text Analysis and Narrative Strategy under the Theme of War: Illustrated by the Case of "Opium War" Exhibition

Guan Xin

 Intersection and Focus: Museological Perspective on "the Silk Road" Special Series Exhibitions

Ren Lin 

• The Modification of Notable Government Officials in the Temple of Ancient Monarchs in Tongzhi Reign

Yu Miao