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Museum, Revive Cultural Relics


• New Era, Museum Making Cultural Relics Revive

Gong Liang


• The Practice and Thinking about the Council System of Museum in China

Luo Xiangjun

• The Study of Opening Storage Based on Improving the Utilization Rate

Shan Shi, Huang Yang 

• Interpretation of Relic and Communication of People in Historical and Cultural Exhibition

Du Yongmei 

• Media Platforms Assist Museums to Promote Public Cultural Services

Zheng Yi

• Analysis on "Let the Cultural Relics Revive" from the Perspective of Communication: A Case Study of the Palace Museum

Duan Ying

• Insight into Memorials from Notable Person, Masterpiece, and Object Aspects: A Case Study of Guo Moruo Memorial Hall

Zhang Yong

Cultural Creative Product of Museum

• Preliminary Analysis of Country-Level Museum Trademark Registration

Chen Shuqing

• Western Museums' Strategies and Enlightenment under Market Competition

Shi Yao

• Characteristic Cultural Creative Product Based on Region Speciality: Take the Museum of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as an Example

Wu Weifeng

• Discussion on Small and Medium Museums' Cultural Creative Product at the Present Stage

Lin Guannan

• The Development and Transformation of Cultural and Creative Product Designat Suzhou Museum

Jiang Han

Digitalization and Smart-Museum

• Innovation of Cultural Diffusion in Smart Relic-Museology Era

Pan Li, Tang Ziqing, Chen Changsong

• Research on Development and Application of Museum Collection Digitalization Standards

Liu Fang

• The Application of Four Dimensional Cloud Control Technology in Exhibition Landscape Production

Mu Jianzhong

Museum Education

Activation and Cultivation: Benefits of Cooperation between Museum and School for Cultural Relics and Teenagers

Lu Aobo

Discussion of the Effective Mode of Cooperation between Museum and School from Practice of Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum

Wang Yingxiang, Zhang Lu, Shen Xinning

Further Discussion on the Innovative Ideas of Museum Education and Practice under the Perspective of Mind Map: Take the Reading City of Capital Museum as an Example

Yang Dandan