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Shipwreck and the Maritime Silk Road


• Shipwreck: Time Capsules of Human History

Song Jianzhong

• Research on Huaguang Reef Shipwreck Ⅰ and Overseas Trade on the Maritime Silk Road in the Song Dynasty

Meng Yuanzhao

• Textual Research on "Nanhai Ⅰ" Shipwreck of Southern Song Dynasty

Yang Rui

• Suizhong Sandaogang Shipwreck and the Yuan Dynasty Overseas Trade

Sun Jian

• Nan'ao Ⅰ Shipwreck: Location, Connotation and Time

Ding Jianxiang

• Shanhu Island Ⅰ Shipwreck

Deng Qijiang, Wang Ji

Theoretical Research

• New Chenghuangmiao: Blooming of Regional Museums from 1920s to 1930s

Wu Changwen

• Three Problems about the Research on the History of Museum in Early Modern China

Li Fei

• Activating Museum Collections: From the Perspective of Museum Workflow

Xu Jie, Hu Kaiyun, Mao Ruohan, Wang Yan, Jiang Fan

• A Comparative Analysis of the Existing Standards of the National Museums' Top Ten Display and Exhibitions Selection

Lyu Jun, Ma Miao, Hao Jing

• A Survey Report of Collections Pests on Museums in Lingnan Area

Ding Ning

Museum Practice

• Museum Guide with Chinese Ancient Poetry: Take Ming Dynasty Plum Bottle Guide in Museum as an Example

Long Wenqin

• A Brief Discussion on the Publicity and Promotion of Museums' Temporary Exhibitions: Take the Exhibition"Ancient Egypt: The World of Pharaoh and God" as an Example

Hu Cheng

• Study of Metal Artifacts Reparation Using Modern Technology and Traditional Technology: Taking Liao Dynasty Metal Mask in the Palace Museum as an Example

Qu Liang, Gao Fei, Liu Jianyu, He Lin, Lei Yong, Shui Wuyang

• Exploration and Practical Usage of Artifacts Reparation and Restoration Ideas: Take Reparation of 8-Sentence as an Example

Li Tao