The Metropolises and the Prosperities within — Tokyo and Beijing in the 18th Century
August 14, 2018- October 7, 2018 Time: 9:00—17:00 (closed on Mondays) Venue: Room A, B1
——Exhibition Overview——


China and Japan are neighbors across the sea. The geographical realities had generated opportunities in improving mutual understandings and relations. They have also been influencing each other with their cultures and arts throughout more than 2000 years of communication. 

Beijing and Tokyo are two famous cities in East Asia with rich culture and history. Maintaining a close relationship and bilateral ties between the two cities has been important in the past 40 years. We hope this exhibition is able to help the audience to experience the urban city life in these two different places at the same period of time in history. Exhibits from Beijing and Tokyo are presented together in contrast within given time frames. Such arrangement is aiming to give the audience an idea of traditions and the culture with which people might not be as familiar as they are with that from their own hometown.

Confucius said that "Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have neighbors." Being loyal to friends and charitable to neighbors, are the teachings of Confucianism for neighboring counties, just like Japan and China, in dealing with mutual relations. We wish the two cities - Beijing and Tokyo, and the two countries - China and Japan, a promising future for the years to come!

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——Exhibition Objects——
Tokyo 16
Tokyo 26
Tokyo 3
Tokyo 4
Tokyo 10
Tokyo 29
Tokyo 15
Tokyo 8
Tokyo 40
Tokyo 47
Tokyo 41
Tokyo 24
Tokyo 23
Tokyo 14
Tokyo 39
Tokyo 11
Tokyo 12
Tokyo 7
Tokyo 32
Tokyo 30
Tokyo 9
Tokyo 5
Tokyo 17
Tokyo 6
Tokyo 13
Tokyo 34
Tokyo 25
Tokyo 38
Tokyo 37
Tokyo 36
Tokyo 28
Tokyo 31
Tokyo 27
Tokyo 20
Tokyo 35
Tokyo 18
Tokyo 42
Tokyo 19
Tokyo 44
Tokyo 43
Tokyo 45
Tokyo 46
Tokyo 21
Tokyo 22
Tokyo 1
Tokyo 2
Tokyo 33
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