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The Centennial of Tianjin Museum


• Expounding and Expanding the Nation's Splendid Culture: Retrospect of the Early History of Tianjin Museum

Chen Zhuo

• The Study on the Board of Directors in Early History of Tianjin Museum

Guo Hui

• The Foundation of Tianjin Institute

Liu Xiang

• The Practice of Yan Zhiyi's Educational Thought of Popular Science Education in Museums: A Topic Begins with the "Whale Show" Held in Tientsin Museum in 1919

Hou Xiaohui

• Lu Zuofu and Practice in Early Chinese Community Museums

Zhang Wenli

• Tour for Collections

Zhao Chungui

Theoretical Research

• Artists as Collaborators: An Exploration into Museum Public Art Programmes in the UK

Lu Sipei

• Hyperconnected Museums: New Approaches, New Publics An Interview with Scholars at the University of Leicester

Lu Sipei, Zhu Mohan

• Local Museum: Mission, Characteristic and Strategy

Yan Jianqiang, Shao Chenhui

Museum Practice

• On the "Adults Only" Phenomenon in the Exhibitions of Chinese Museums

Zhang Xiao

• A Tentative Study on the Dual Identity of Industrial Archive-files in the Industrial Museums: Kailuan Museum in Tangshan

Lyu Jianchang

• On the Quality-work Strategy of Exhibitions in Museums: Awarded Exhibitions in Shaanxi History Museum

Lyu Jun, Xia Qianhui, He Wenjuan

• On the Professionalization Development for Top Exhibitions in Museums

Huang Xueyin

• Trial Discussion on the Training and Management of Domestic and Abroad Volunteers in Museum

Lu Yongxiu

• Principles of Creating and Applying the Supplementary Exhibits in Museums

Lu Jiansong

• Toward an Ancient-Modern Balanced Developing Approach for China's Museum Enterprise in the New Era

Huang Chunyu

• Red Time: Exhibitions of Anhui Provincial Museum from 1953 to 1966

Xu ling, Liu Xiujuan

• Practice and Research in the Opening Management of Corporate Museums

Sun Zhigang