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2018 China-Japan-ROK International Conference on Museums

Date:August 14, 2018- August 15, 2018

Statements of the Curators' Roundtable

I. We should treasure the friendship formed in the past 16 years, increase personnel exchanges, and maintain and develop our cooperative mechanism;

▲Scene at the Curator's Roundtable

II. We should intensify academic cooperation and make joint achievements to promote the integration of theoretical innovations and practices concerning "Capital Studies" and museology;

▲HAN, Zhanming, curator of Capital Museum of China delivers his speech

III. In the next three years, the four museums will be fully supportive of the cooperative exhibitions between the Edo-Tokyo Museum and the Seoul Museum of History;

▲SONG, In Ho, curator of Seoul Museum of History delivers his speech

IV. Over the next three years, the four museums will carry out joint curation in a bid to increase inter-city cultural exchanges, deepen mutual understanding and promote cooperation of sister cities;

▲FUJIMORI, Terunobu, curator of Edo-Tokyo Museum delivers his speech

V. In the next three years, the four museums based in East Asia, under the policy of building friendship and partnership with its neighbors, will be committed to facilitating the communication and exchanges between museums in the capital cities and historical capital cities, extending the existing cooperative mechanism and building cooperation platforms for the development of human culture.

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