Five Capital Cities of Liao
September 6, 2018 - December 9, 2018 Time: 9:00—17:00 (closed on Mondays) Venue: Room B, Floor 1

Part I. Five Capital Cities

The Liao dynasty divided its realm into five circuits, each with a capital city: the Shangjing (Supreme Capital) of Linhuang, the Zhongjing (Central Capital) of Dading, the Dongjing (Eastern Capital) of Liaoyang, the Nanjing (Southern Capital) of Xijin and the Xijing (Western Capital) of Datong. The History of Liao points out that "Shangjing was the Supreme Capital ruled by the imperial court, with officers of all ranks. The officers of the other four capitals varied depending on the region and time period. Generally, frontier defense was the focus of the officers in Xijing, while officers in Nanjing and Zhongjing were mainly in charge of finances and taxes." The record may not be precise but it reflects the diverse focuses and functions of the five capitals. 

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