Five Capital Cities of Liao
September 6, 2018 - December 23, 2018 Time: 9:00—17:00 (closed on Mondays) Venue: Room B, Floor 1
——Exhibition Overview——


"The prosperous five capitals outshone every other city; numerous majestic towers were erected in these magnificent cities." Thanks to relevant archaeological discoveries and documentary records, we have the chance to appreciate the grand buildings and exquisite antique treasures of Liao. Fine antiques that originated from the Liao Dynasty now standing tranquil, are a living outline of the Khitan people's history: the rise and fall of Liao, the historical figures, the shapes and ornaments of cultural relics and the existing historical ruins. The exhibition is dedicated to presenting a traceable, tasteful and referable history and designed to capture the attention and evoke appreciation, rumination and introspection of visitors. 

The exhibition focusing on the five capitals of Liao presents an outline of the Khitan people and the Liao Dynasty. It offers incontestable evidence of the development and features of the diverse and integrated Chinese people. China contains a diverse range of ethnic groups that mingled with each other and became interdependent, united as one along the long road of history. 

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——Exhibition Objects——
liao 5
liao 1
liao 27
liao 25
liao 4
liao 24
liao 26
liao 22
liao 3
liao 18
liao 9
liao 23
liao 12
liao 21
liao 20
liao 19
liao 17
liao 16
liao 15
liao 14
liao 13
liao 11
liao 10
liao 8
liao 7
liao 6
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——Exhibition Galleries——
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