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Capital Study and Museum


• Accessibility for the Future: Thinking about the Hyperconnectivity of the Museums in China, Japan and Republic of Korea

Zhang Jie

• Sharing and Integration of Museum Academic Resources: Taking the Education Products of the Seoul Museum of History as an Example

Kim Jiyeon, Translated by Cui Ting

 The Foundation and Paths of the Deep Cooperation and Integrative Development between the Capital Museum of China and Beijing Study Research Base

Zhang Bo, Zhang Baoxiu

• Museum Exhibition in the Era of Hyperconnectivity, Eliminating Borders and Working Together: Taking the Exhibition of “On Earth as It is in Heaven” as an Example

Oh Jiyoung, Translated by Cui Ting

• Reading the City, Connecting You and Me: On the Development Concept of the “Reading the City” Project of the Capital Museum

Wang Xinying

Theoretical Research

• Current Practices in Museum Education in the United States

Helen Shannon, Translated by Wu Bin

• Knowledge Producer or Heritage Guardian: The Intension and Definition of Museum Collection

Song Xiangguang

• Sense of Purpose: Rethinking Museum Value by The New Museology

Yin Kai

• An Analysis of the Relationship between Museums and Public Space in Modern China: Taking Museums Built by Westerners in China as Examples

Zhao Guoxiang

• A Study of Shan-shan Guilds and Lu-ze Guilds in LuoYang: With Reference to the Utilization of Historical Architecture Museum

Yang Quan

• The Investigation of Lu Xun’s Letter Manuscripts to Luo Qingzhen Collected in Guangzhou Lu Xun Museum

Liu Dan

• The Biography of Kang Youwei’s Collections on Italian Stone Sculptures and Their Artistic Characteristics

Li Ningli, Wei Mingzhu

Museum Practice

• Discussion on Authenticity in Museums through Construction Process: The Case of Ningbo Museum of Education

Mao Ruohan

• Difficulty and Solution of the Lack of Display Objects: Taking the Memorial Exhibition as an Example

Tang Lipeng

• The Strengthening Roles of Oral History in Museum Exhibitions

Hou Chunyan

• The Discussion of Application and Cognitive Effect of Visitors’Immersion Experience in Museums

Wang Siyi

• The Study on the Exhibitions in Museums

Tan Xiaorong