Making a Cockscomb-shaped Pot -- DIY Activity Supported by Liaoshangjing Museum

October 21, 2018 Colorful Room, B1 30 people

Having introduced Yelü Xiaoyong, this week Liaoshangjing Museum in Baarin Left Banner presents you a special activity: Moving Cockscomb-shaped Pot, which sheds light on a different grassland and a different Khitan people. 

A Cockscomb-shaped pot is a container which features the most distinctive national characteristic of Liao and is one of the most common funerary objects in Liao tombs. 

Cockscomb-shaped pot was the name for the pots with cockscomb-shaped handles; later, it also included the faux leather pots with similar shaped bodies and U-shaped or O-shaped handles. 

Don't you want to DIY such a fantastic pot? 

Why not come to the Capital Museum this Sunday to participate in this amazing DIY class?  

Let's make colorful cockscomb-shaped pots with colored modeling clay. 

Let's make cockscomb-shaped bags with non-woven fabrics.

We have unique handmade boards.

We have fabulous magic beads in water mist.

Those who make outstanding works will be rewarded!

Sign up and join us!


15:00-16:00 October 21

Activity for:

Children aged 9-12


Registration Date: October 21, 2018

Visitors who cannot attend please cancel reservation before the closing date for entries via WeChat, or absence will be recorded and affect future applications.