Experience Nomadic and Hunting Culture of the Khitan people

December 1, 2018 Colorful Room, B1 30 people

The Exhibition "Five Capital Cities of Liao" will be extended and we will roll out more activities! 

With the support of Baarin Right Banner Museum, we present this orchestrated activity and invite you to experience the nomadic and hunting culture of the Khitan people. 

The Khitan people rode horses to assist them graze their flocks and herds, to hunt as well as to conquer. Even after they had built a great nation, they still boasted their nomadic and hunting culture which ran in their blood.

Establishing the System of "Nabo through the Four Seasons"

The Khitan people held the custom of escaping the cold in autumn and winter, keeping cool in spring and summer, fishing and hunting along rivers, thus leading to the "Nabo throughout the four seasons" system. The system allowed the emperors of Liao to escape unpleasant weather, hunt, entertain, receive foreign envoys and tributes, meet and align with the leaders of surrounding minority ethnic groups and handle government affairs with ministers and departments. 

Sticking to Environmental Protection

The nomadic Khitan people revered the heaven and the earth, nature, gods and ancestors. Believing in animism and stressing ecological balance, they stopped hunting during the breeding season to protect wild animals and nature. 

Highlighting the Craftsmanship of Harness

As a nationality on horseback, the Khitan people attach great importance to the craftsmanship of harness. Harnesses bridge riders with horses, and harnesses made by the Khitan people were hailed as "second to none in the world." They constantly perfected craftsmanship because of their unique perception and comprehension of nomadic life and grassland. 

Let's go to the Capital Museum this Saturday to learn about "Nabo through the Four Seasons" and the Khitan people's environmental protection concepts and make fine saddles. 


Registration Date: December 1, 2018

Visitors who cannot attend please cancel reservation before the closing date for entries via WeChat, or absence will be recorded and affect future applications.