Lecture on the Gold and Silver Wares of Liao and Exhibition on the Five Capital Cities of Liao

September 26, 2018 The Glorious Beijing Video Hall at the first floor of the Oval Hall 90 people

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Research on the Gold and Silver Wares of Liao


With the unearthed gold and silver wares in the tombs of Yelü Yü and the princess of Chen and the cellar in You'ai as its clue, the lecture shows the origins and development trajectories of the shapes, crafts and decorative patterns of the gold and silver wares in the early, middle and late periods of Liao. Also, the lecture discusses the factors behind the gold and silver wares of Liao, such as culture, and examines how the peculiar style of the gold and silver wares of Liao comes from the integration of the cultures of the Central Plain, Western Asia and Khitan.  


Gai Zhiyong, Manchu, born on May 8, 1969, is a researcher at the Inner Mongolia Institute of Relics and Archaeology, vice chairman of the China Institute of the History of Liao and Jin, and vice chairman of the Archaeological Institute of Inner Mongolia. Having been engaged in field archaeology, including excavation and research, for a long time he has led many large-scale archaeological excavation projects. Among the projects, the excavation projects of "the tomb of Yelü Lüyü," "the Liao tomb with painted murals in Baoshan" and "the tomb of the highest-ranking imperial concubine of Emperor Shengzong of Liao" belong to the "top 10 national archaeological discoveries" of that year. He has written five books, including Opening the Door of an Underground Palace of Liao, Researching on Liao Dynasty's Engraving Characters on Stone in Inner Mongolia, and Tomb of Yelü Lüyü, and has published more than 30 essays on national and provincial key journals. 


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