Lecture: Shenyang Imperial Palace and Its Qing Treasures

October 23, 2018 The Multimedia Audio-Visual Room on the first floor of the Oval Hall 90 people

The exhibition on daily necessities of Qing Dynasty from Shengjing with the theme on Shenyang Imperial Palace.

Shenyang Imperial Palace, built in the tenth year of Tianming of Late Jin (1625) by Nurhaci and Hong Taiji, was the original home of the Qing Dynasty and the Eight Banners. Witnessing the history for over 390 years, Shenyang Imperial Palace is the only remaining imperial palace complex in China except for the Palace Museum in Beijing. 

Do you know how such a vital cultural heritage was built? Do you know what treasures it holds? Do you know the stories of the treasures? 

Please Come to Capital Museum on October 23. Li Li, the deputy curator of Shengyang Palace Museum will tell you all. 



Registration Date: October 23, 2018

Visitors who cannot attend please cancel reservation before the closing date for entries via WeChat, or absence will be recorded and affect future reservations.