What Is It Like to Grow up in a Beijing Courtyard?

April 1, 2018 Exhibition Hall of Reading the City and the Colorful Room, B1 25 families

In the life of the courtyard, there are so many things to say that almost everyone who has lived in it can share a series of unforgettable memories. In particular, we invited an old Beijinger, Grandpa Wang Wuyu, former deputy president of the Capital Museum, to bring you the story of his long life in the courtyard.

Let's come and listen to Mr. Wang's stories! 

There is an interesting "Tangpozi (a heating instrument)" hidden in the Bookshop which has a special connection with Mr. Wang's stories. 


Wang Wuyu

Former Deputy President of the Capital Museum (Researcher)


90 minutes

Meeting place:

Please gather at the Colorful Room 10 minutes before the activity. Participants shall enter the Museum with the screenshot showing successful reservation via the group entrance at the east door of the ground floor. 


Registration Date: April 1, 2018

1. Registered participants who cannot take part shall cancel reservation via WeChat (Capital Museum Activities - Recent Activities - Activities) 24 hours before the activity. 2. Those who arrive 15 minutes late will forfeit their admission. 3. If you are absent on that day without informing in advance, it will affect your registration for future activities. Thanks for your cooperation. 4. The right of final interpretation is owned by the Publicity and Education Department of Capital Museum.