Woodworking and Craftsmanship – A Talk between Exhibition "Reading the City" and Cultural Heritages

June 9, 2018 Wenwangge Museum of Wooden Crafts 60 families

Do you remember the exquisite old wooden exhibits showed on the exhibition "Reading the City — Discovering the Charm of Beijing Quadrangles"? Are you curious about Chinese traditional woodworking skills? Do you want to know more about Chinese wood culture and art? 

Targeting China's 2018 "Culture and Natural Heritage Day," various wonderful activities planned by the Capital Museum will kick off soon. A special outdoor activity, "Woodworking and Craftsmanship -- A Talk between Exhibition "Reading the City" and Cultural Heritages," will show you the glamor of Chinese traditional wooden crafts, the charm of intangible cultural heritage and the craftsmanship of woodworking. You will read the cities via the activity! 

The activities include: 

1. Abundant knowledge about wood culture: 

Participants will visit exhibitions which showcase fantastic exhibits, including buildings, irrigation tools and daily necessities. The fine old wooden exhibits will present you the admirable wisdom of the ancients. 

2. Surprise guests:

We specially invite surprise guests to illustrate the knowledge of the intangible cultural heritage and the woodworking. You will learn a lot! 

3. Woodworking DIY and the experience of being a craftsman: 

You will the use primitive tools to make your own wooden work which will store your unique memory. 

4. Parent-children interaction: 

Parents and children make a wooden craft together, which develops hands-on ability as well as enhances family bonds!

That's enough for the introduction. If you want to find out more, come and join us! 

On June 9, join us to understand craftsmanship and have a taste of the charming Chinese culture. Be there or be square! 

Meeting Place: 

Participants please come to Wenwangge Museum of Wooden Crafts, sign in at the front gate and enter with your screenshot showing successful reservation. 


Address: Wenwangge Museum of Wooden Crafts, No. 147, South Development Zone, Dongxiaying Village, Taihu Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Public transport:

Take Bus 18, get off at Xixiayingcun East Station and walk for 1.3km. There is no through bus to the museum. 


The museum is located 150m to the east of the intersection of Tangdazhuang Road and Zhangtai Road. You can search "Beijing Wooden Craft and Art Museum" on Baidu Map and follow the navigation. 


Registration Date: June 9, 2018

1. Registered participants who cannot attend shall cancel reservation via WeChat (Capital Museum Activities - Recent Activities - Activities) 24 hours before the activity. 2. Those who are 15 minutes late shall be disqualified. 3. If you are absent on that day without informing in advance, it will affect your registration for future activities. Thanks for your cooperation. 4. The right of final interpretation is owned by the Publicity and Education Department of the Capital Museum.