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Study on Jade Ware of Yin Ruins


• General Description on Yin Ruins Jade Objects Discovery and Research 

Ding Sicong, Tang Jigen

• General Research on Yin Ruins Jade Objects in Taiwan

Qian Yihui, Zhu Xuefeng

• Jade Culture in Oracle Bone Scripts

Xu Yihua

• Discovery and Research on the Jades from the Fu Hao Tomb

Zhai Shaodong

• The Artistic Achievement of lades from Fu Hao Tomb

Liu Yundong

• Research on Jade Figurines from Fu Hao Tomb and Related Problems

Wang Ping

• Jade Objects from Previous Era Unearthed in Fu Hao Tombang

Wang Qing


Theoretical Research

• New Fertile Soil of Moral Education: Research and Development of Museum Moral Education Proiects

Lyu Xinshan

• Creating Exhibition: Collaboration and Action Steps in the Planning, Development,and Design of Innovative Experiences

Polly Mckenna-cress, Translated by Zhou Jingjing

• The ming the First Qin Emperor s Mausoleum Site Park

Wang Renyu

• Pracitice and Thinking on Nation Archaeological Park in China

Teng Lei

• Relationship between the Riverbank and the Returning Home in Rain

Kathleen Yang

Museum Practice

• Restoration and Research on Bronze Dou Unearthed from Jiunyudun, Pizhou, Jiangsu

Liu Yanqi, Sun Xiangyang

• The Exploration in Practice of the Integrative and Development of Cultural Creative Industries in Small and Medium Sized Museums: A Case Study of the Development of Cultural Creative Products in Langfang Museum

Wang Lijuan

• A Brief Analysis of the Method of Integration between RFID Technology and the Collection Management Svstem

Liu Chaodong

• Representational and Psvchological I)istance: Three Ouestions about the Application of Barrier Ropes in the Exhibition

Yu Hui

• The Expression of Light Design in Exhibition: The Case of" Hall of Mental Cultivation in the Forbidden City " Exhibition

Suojingling, Ni Chong

Exhibition Review

• Representing Tradition by Ethnic Attire: Notes from Curators

Wu Jie, Luo Pan