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Research on Museum's Collections


• On the Western Taiyi Palace of Khanbaliq: Research on the Relics of the Houyingfang and Houtaoyuan in the Xicheng District, Beijing 

Lin Meicun 

 Research on the Gold Armlets Unearthed from the Shang Dynasty Tombs of Liujiahe in Beijing 

Wang Xianguo

• On Blue-and-white Phoenix-head Flat Flasks of the Yuan Dynasty 

Pei Yajing

• Study of the Dansathil Style Statue of Virūpāksa of Capital Museum

Huang Chunhe

• Research on the Handscroll of Dong Qichang’s Regular Script of Yan Ran Shan Stele’s Inscription 

Li Wenqi

• Study of the Porcelain Tabletop with the Drawing of the Imperial Kiln Factory of the Qing Dynasty 

Xing Peng

Theoretical Research

• Development, Supply, Deployment, Demand: Balancing the Museum Digital Skills Ecosystem

Ross Parry, Translated by Zhu Mohan

• The War Services of Smithsonian Institution during the Pacific War

Xie Yuting

• On the Public Space Creating of the Museum in the Case of the Palace Museum

Liu Wentao

• Exploration and Reflection on the Integration of Museum Education Resources

 Chen Wei

• Study on the Youyan Zhuguan Seal

Sun Xin

• A Study of the Year 1901 Receipt for Donating the Guo-zi-jian Diploma in the Memorial Museum Of 1911 Revolution Collection 

Zheng Chunlin

Museum Practice

• On the Innovation of the Audio Guide Service for Special Exhibitions at the Palace Museum

Yan Hongbin

• The Narrative Characteristics of Museum Exhibitions with the Theme of Silk Road: Analysis on Three National Museum Exhibitions Awards of 2017

Yang Jin

• A Brief Analysis of the Method of Integration between RFID Technology and the Collection Management Svstem 

Liu Chandon

• Making a Good Exhibition Planning of New Science and Technology Museums  Guided by Educational Objectives: Taking Beijing Auto Museum as an Example 

Feng Qiaojuan

• Study on Monitoring and Controlling of the Environment for Preservation of Cultural Relics in Changzhou Museum

Han Chao, Ding Weixin,Wang Hua

• Application of Non-destructive Testing in the Protection of Sculptures of the Notre Dame Temple in Jinci Temple 

Li Qingling