Harmony and Good Harvest: Celebrating the Spring Festival in the Year of Pig
January 29, 2019 - March 17, 2019 Time: 9:00 - 17:00 (closed on Mondays) Venue: Waterscape Courtyard
——Exhibition Overview——

III. Time and Life Cycle

At the apex of the sky, the sun and the moon meet twelve times a year, and it takes about 12 years for Jupiter to complete a single orbit of the sun. On the vast land, crops ripen once a year, connoting the rules of nature and phenology and the rhythm of people's productive activities and overall life. To record this cycle, the ancient Chinese people successively adopted the Jupiter cycle, the counter-Jupiter annual system, and finally determined to use the Sexagenary Cycle Calendar. When the twelve animals of the 12 two-hour periods were made corresponding to the Earthly Branches and endowed with the meanings of the year of birth and Zodiac, each year acquired lively representations. Since humans began to settle down, pigs entered their life, and were gradually enshrined. With their plump body and easeful lifestyle, pigs became the symbol of wealth, abundance and good fortune in Chinese folk culture. The Zodiac Pig, as the boundary point of time and life cycle, marks an end, and also a beginning. 

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——Exhibition Objects——
year of pig 19
year of pig 18
year of pig 16
year of pig 17
year of pig 15
year of pig 14
year of pig 13
year of pig 12
year of pig 22
year of pig 21
year of pig 11
year of pig 10
year of pig 9
year of pig 20
year of pig 8
year of pig 7
year of pig 6
year of pig 5
year of pig 4
year of pig 3
year of pig 2
year of pig 1
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