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A Study of Ancient Chinese Clothing


Invited Remark

• The Youth and the New Era Chinese Museum

 Liu Yuzhu 

Special Issue

A study of ancient Chinese clothing

• Archaeological Study of Han Dynasty Dance Clothes 

Wang Fang

 • Archaeological Observation on the Basic Forms of Clothing in Han Dynasty

Xu Rui

• Study of Clothing in Late-Tang and Five-Dynasty Paintings: New Styles Brought by Silk-Road

Shi Zhaozhao

• History of Ju Yi: Insight into Development of Clothing System of Ladies with Royally Granted Titles

Zhao Ruihe

Theoretical Research

• Research on Tibet Unearthed Dzi's Flower Erosion Techniques and Alteration by Burial

Wu Xinhua, Ha Bibu, Luo Dan

• Generalization of Zhou Dynasties Ceremonial Bronze Studies after 20th Century

Dong Rui

• Cultural Function and Features of Han Dynasty Stone Relief Prefatory Remarks

Zhou Shen

• Two Notes on the Ding Kiln and Ding Porcelain

Zhu Jianlu

• Workshop, Liquor Signboard, Memorial Tablet and Others: Application Examples of the Lotus Pattern with a Leaf at the Top and a Flower at the Base

Wang Zhixia, Yang Jianjun

• Matsu Culture and the Maritime Silk-Road in the Picture: the Research of the Album of Goddess Matsu's Story in the National Museum of China

Lv Weitao

• Research on the Relationship between Dafang Mountain Lianquan Temple and Puguang Temple 

Ma Lei

Museum Practice

• Exhibition Storytelling and Meaning of Object: from Theoretical Discussion to the Example of Hunanese——exhibition of Human History and Culture 

Wang Siyu

• Comparative Study of Interaction between Museum Education and School Education: Taking the JFK Presidential Library and Qian Xuesen Library as Examples 

Mao Yanwen

• To See the Cooperation between Schools and Museums from the Research-oriented Trips of Primary and Secondary School Students 

He Donglei

• An Analysis of Museum Documentaries Produced by BBC 

Feng Zheying

• Discussion on the Application of Museum Academic Research in Original Exhibition Planning 

Cai Jie

• Preservation and Inheritance of Tianjin's Modern Train Stations

Liu Zunzhi, Liao Lin, Li Chuyu, Li Mengfan, Li Huihui