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Research on Museum's Collections


Special Issue

Research on Museum's Collections 

• China and the World in Liangzhu Period

Chen Minghui, Zhu Yefei 

• Group of Ritual Jades and Liangzhu Cultural Pattern   

Fang Xiangming

• Regional Differences and Changes of Head Direction Tradition in Taihu Neighborhood Prehistoric Tombs and Concurrently Discussion on Background of Liangzhu Old City's Rise

Chen Minghui 

• A Study on Liangzhu-style Jade Articles in Lingnan Area

Cao Fangfang

Theoretical Research

• A General View of SWOT Analysis Method's Application in Chinese Museum 

Jiao Lidan

• A Study on Literary Museums  

Liu Di, Su Yong 

• Museum Education Research: Selection of Appropriate Research Methods

Ji Jiao  

• Interpretation of the Inscriptions on the Newly Published Bronze Vessels of Xu

Huang Jinqian, He Jinbin

• On the Prototype of Bird-Shaped Zun from Jin State

Wang Lin

• A Study on the Lu Chariot in the Case of Ming Dynasty

Liu Shiyi 

• On the Social Activities of the Adherents of the Qing Dynasty in Beijing During the Republic of China: From a Piece of Calligraphy Work by Fan Zengxiang in His Elderly Life

Wang Xinying

Museum Practice

• The Visualization Practice of Museum Data: In the Case of Shanghai Museum  

Liu Jian

• From Field to Museum: A Preliminary Discussion about the Conception on Information-chain of Collections in Museum

Cao Yuesen 

• The Contemporary Reverie of Traditional Culture: An Experiment in the Exhibition Project about Dazu Rock Carving

Qin Zhen, Wang Wenjuan

• Analysis of Visual Perceptual Forces in Exhibition Design  

Chu Chu

• On the Use of Private Collections in Museum Exhibitions  

Pei Yu

• Focus on the Linkage Effect of Museum Scientific Research: A Case Study Based on the Research Practice of Anhui Museum

Feng Chao

Exhibition Review

• Originating from the Classical, Rebuilding of the Present: Thoughts on the Exhibition Planning of Jiangnan Life Aesthetics 

Cai Qin