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A Glimpse of Worldwide Children's Museum


Special Issue

A Glimpse of Worldwide Children's Museum

• The Landscape of Children's Museums Around the World 

Leigh-Anne Stradeski

• Where Kids Come First: Children's Museum as Space Where Children and Families Can Play and Grow 

Steven Mintz

• Children's Museums: A Structure for Family Learning 

Ann Lewin-Benham

• Filling the Gaps: Recommendations for Serving Families with Young Children 

Renee Henry

• Understanding the Audience: Museums as Socio-cultural Environments 

Pamela Erskine-Loftus

• Tales from Europe: Why are We so Anxious about Children's Exhibition and Program Topics ?

Claudia Haas

• Belonging in America: Social Justice Messages in Cultural Exhibits 

Lizzy Martin, Andrew Ackerman

• Opening the Door: Tin Marín Children's Museum Tackles Social Justice Issues 

Juan Carlos Novoa, Jerry Glashagel

• Using Research to Make Learning Through Play Visible 

Susan Letourneau, Robin Meisner

• Making Engages People

Lisa Brahms, Peter S. Wardrip

• Children Museum and Cultural Education 

Annermies Broekgaarden

• The Ruth Youth Wing: A Door to the Israel Museum 

Nurit Shilo-Cohen

• A Children's Museum in Manila, from 1993 to 2019 

Nina Lim-Yuson

• Children's Museum, Connecting Hawaii with China 

Loretta Luke Yajima

Theoretical Research

• Discussion on the Concept of Children and Children's Education 

Wang Rui

• Design and Exploration of Exhibition Based on the Characteristics of Children's Development 

Song Xian, Luo Luo

• Children's Museum: From America to China 

Zhang Ni

Museum Practice

• The Low-structured Activity Becomes Wonderful When It Absorbed the Museum Resources: A Preliminary Study on the Application of Museum's Educational Resources in Kindergarten's Low-structured Activities 

Guan Jiawei, Chen Wenqi, Yuan Jiayun

• Discussion on How to Integrate the Emotional Interaction Elements into the Museum Education Activities: The Planning and Implementation of Educational Activities in Capital Museum as an Example 

Du Ying

• Practice and Exploration of Children's Education in Revolutionary Memorial Museums: A Case on the Yangtze-crossing Campaign Memorial Museum 

Zhu Jieyun

• The Museum Curriculum Get Credits in Famous Senior High School: Research of the Mode of Museum-School Cooperation Between Guangzhou Museum and Guangdong Experimental High School 

Luo Xinglian

• How to Realize the Function of Aesthetic Education in University Museum Exhibition: Taking the Exhibition Space of School History Museum as an Example 

Rong Ling

• Innovative Practice and Educational Effect of Children's Museum in China: A Follow-up Observation Study of Lao Niu Children's Discovery Museum 

Gong Xin, Zhang Hui, Tsang Mun C.