Capture the Spirits of Nature on Tibet Plateau with your Camera

May 12, 2019, 14:00 Multifunction Hall, B1

Han Government and Qiangzhong Road, Tuyuhun Kingdom

Tibetan Regime Marching to the East, Ethnic Fusion

For a thousand years, the Qinghai Road

has connected east and west Asia,

as well as south and north Asia.

It wrote a long love story on the Silk Road.

The Museum especially invites Gu Ying, a photographer of wild animals and a documentary director, to the lecture.

She gathers photography lovers to walk through the polar regions and blizzards, to explore the depopulated zone, and to the third pole of the world, the Tibet Plateau. There, they "pry into" the wild animals on the mysterious plateau with their cameras.


Registration Date: May 12, 2019, 14:00

Please send the finished questionnaire to our email ( and put "Lecture recruitment + your name" in the subject line. The application closes on May 19, 2019.

The official recruitment information of volunteer photographers will be released on the official website, Weibo, WeChat, and other media platforms.