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Scientific Archaeology and the Protection of Cultural Relic


Special Issue

Scientific Archaeology and the Protection of Cultural Relic

• Study on Raw Materials and Manufacture Technology of Zhejiang Longquan Black Body Celadon 

Duan Hongying, Zheng Jianming, Wang Guangyao, Xu Jun, Miao Jianmin

• Study on the Conservation of Embroidered Plaques in The Palace Museum 

Chen Yang

• Study on the Coagulation in the Shipwreck Archaeology 

Ye Daoyang

• The Stability Conservation on the Excavation Site of "Nanhai No.1" Shipwrecks of Song Dynasty 

Zhang Xuanwei

• Study on the Phytolith of the Jicun Dachengzi Site in Wuhu, Anhui Province 

Qiu Zhenwei, Ye Runqing, Luo Hu, Zhang Xiaolei

Theoretical Research

• International Expression and Chinese Thinking about Museum Definition 

Li Yaoshen, Geng Kun, Li Chen

• Ethnological Collection as Methodology: The Initial Discussion of the Significance of the Methodology in Interpreting the Values of Ethnological Collection 

Zheng Qian

• Smart Museum and AI Museum: A New Opportunity for Museum Development in the Era of Artificial Intelligence 

Li Jiao

• Reconsidering the Capital Museum's Ban Gui of the Western Zhou Dynasty 

Yu Lifan

• A Brief Analysis of the Glazed Tile Stamps of Western Qing Tombs 

Zhao Xingkun

• Overview of Ancient Porcelain Kilns in Zhejiang Province 

Shen Yueming

Museum Practice

• Insight into the Mode of Translation in the Museum Exhibition 

Shao Xinxin

• Discourse on "triple evidence" Used in the Exhibition: Take the Exhibition of "Censer, Incense Tools and Incense Culture" for Example 

Meng Qian

• Sniffing Chinese Perfume in Paris: On Exhibition Fragrances of China from the Shanghai Museum 

Wu You

• A Study on the Exhibition of the Eternal "Blanc-De-Chine" and the Innovation of Mobile Museum's  Exhibitions 

Zhong Zhibo

• On "Slow Rhythm" in Museums 

Xu Rui, Li Minghui

• The International Expenence and Reference to Accounting Standards for Cultural Heritage Assets 

Li Li, Liao Yibo, Chen Min