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Research on Stone Labels Unearthed in Cao-Wei Tomb, Luoyang


Special Issue

Research on Stone Labels Unearthed in Cao-Wei Tomb, Luoyang

• Classification and Transcription of Stone Labels Unearthed in Cao-Wei Tomb, Luoyang

Li Ling

• Discussion on the Identity of Xizhucun Cao-Wei Tomb's owner and Treasures on Stone Labels Inscriptions on Belt and Road 

Cao Jinyan

• The Name of Stone Labels Unearthed in Xizhucun Cao-Wei Tomb and Research on Tomb Owners Identity 

Zhao Chao

• Study on the Owner of the Tomb in Xizhucun, Luoyang in the Wei State of the Three-kingdoms Period 

Liu Lianxiang

• A Study of the Mirrors Recorded in the Inscription of Stone Labels Unearthed from a Wei Dynasty Tomb in Xizhucun, Luoyang

Huo Hongwei

Theoretical Research

• Destinations of Art and Culture: Globalization of Chinese Collections in Overseas Museums 

Chen Shen

• The Development of Cultural and Creative Products: A New Way to Interpret Exhibition in Museums 

Wu Ming

• Exhibition Strategy of Urban Museum

Li Mingbin, Wei Min

• The Trend of Media and Its Significance in Practice for Museums 

Cao Bingwu

• Reflection on the Construction of the East Branch of the Capital Museum

Zhang Yu

• Functional Requirements Design for Sustainable Development of Museums 

Shi Yao 

Museum Practice

• Museum Storytelling and Construction of Community Spirit: A Case Study of the Chinatown Heritage Centre, Singapore 

Guan Xin

• Symbol, Memory and Empathy: The Use of Wall of Faces in Museum Exhibition

Qu Yutong

• Seep and Back, The Museum Function as the Social Platform: The Case Study of Shijiahutong Museum 

Wang Siyu, Wang Hongguang

• Discussion on the Application of Air Conditioning System in Museums from the Perspective of Functional Demand 

Qiu Chunmei

• The Development Strategies in the Period of China's Free-admission to Museums: Taking Suzhou Museum as an Example 

Chen Ruijin