Exploring the Mother River of Beijing – Talks on the Culture of Yongding River

October 26, 2019, 9:30-11:00 B1, Multifunction Hall, Capital Museum 200 people

Rivers are a source of human civilizations. A great city always has a great river. For example: London and the Thames, Paris and the Seine, Vienna and the Danube, and Baghdad and the Tigris. River, all have nourished urban civilizations, and also decided the development trends and changes of cities.

A river has been part of Beijing city for 3,000 years. The Yongding River has nurtured a rich and specific culture in the long course of history, dedicating herself to the construction and development of Beijing in various historical periods.

Today, taking the Western Hills–Yongding River cultural belt as the theme, a documentary film Yongding River, a picture book Yongding River and a culture exhibition"Mountains and Rivers · Motherland: A Cultural Exhibition of Beijing Western Hills-Yongding River Region" has emerged at the right time, expounding on the origins of both the waterway and the city.

On October 26, the event"Exploring the mother river of Beijing – talks on the culture of Yongding river" jointly organized by the Beijing Publishing House, the Publicity Department of Beijing Mentougou District Committee of CPC and the Capital Museum will be staged, offering the audience an opportunity to understand and seek the origin of the mother river.

Four special guests will be invited to attend the event.

Ma Zhanjun, Standing Deputy Director of Publicity Department of Beijing Mentougou District Committee of CPC. Wang Chunhua, chief director of the full-length human geographical documentary film Yongding River, and editor-in-chief of the book Yongding River. You Shuying, council member of Beijing Yongding River Research Association, member of Beijing History and Geography and Folk Custom Society, and author of the book History of Yongding River.

This event will be presided over by Chang Chang, vice president and reading promoter of Jingbanruoqing Company.

In this event, the special guests will give speeches about the planning of the "Mountains and Rivers · Motherland–A Cultural Exhibition of Beijing Western Hills-Yongding River Region", the shooting of the documentary film, the planning and composition of the picture book and the history and culture of the Yongding River. In this way, they will seek the origin of the water of life of Beijing and find the source of Beijing urban culture together with the audience, aiming to give participants an understanding of the need to preserve the river through reviewing and looking forward to the future. Chairman Yuan Hai and General Manager Liu Qian of the Jingbanruoqing Company will also attend the event. 


The author and special guests will also sign copies of the book Yongding River for the audience at the bookstore of the Capital Museum.



Registration Date: October 26, 2019, 9:30-11:00

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