Knowledge from the Masters Facilitating the Application of the Central Axis of Beijing to World Heritage

November 1, 2019, 10:00-12:00 Multifunction Hall, Capital Museum 200 people

In coordination with the 2019 CI (Conservation International) Seminar on the Application for World Heritage listing of the Central Axis of Beijing, the public lecture "Masters' Discussions on World Cultural Heritage" will be delivered at the Multifunction Hall of the Capital Museum on November 1. The event is sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics and co-organized by the Library and Information Center of the Bureau and the Capital Museum. Particularly, we invited famous scholars at home and abroad to deliver speeches.

The event aims to inform the public of the historical and cultural connotations of the Central Axis of Beijing, introduce the significance of its inclusion in the List of World Heritage sites and relevant knowledge of world cultural heritage. The public lecture will be presided over by Yu Ping, Counsellor of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality and Deputy Director General of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics.

Event Agenda

10:00 Ceremony at which Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics will present the book Co-checked Copy of the Regime of Large Wooden Structures [Building Methods] to Tsinghua University and Beijing University, etc.

10:30 First lecture"Restoration of World Cultural Heritage sites – Taking Notre Dame of Paris and the like as examples"

14:30 Second lecture:"Historical and Cultural Connotations of the Central Axis of Beijing"

Lecture 1: Restoration of World Cultural Heritage–Taking Notre Dame of Paris and the like as examples

Keynote Speaker: Kono Toshiyuki

Present president of International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), President of International Specialized Committee of ICLAFI (ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Legal, Administrative and Financial Issues), Project Leader of ICOMOS Initiative on"Reconstruction" and the Tenured Professor of Law, Kyushu University, Japan.

2012 Leader of the authenticity project "Nara+20 Years" 

2015 Secretary General of the Organizing Committee for the Annual General Assembly of ICOMOS

September 2017 Member of the Advisory Committee for the UNESCO Technical Meeting on the Future of the Bamiyan Buddha. 

He has long been committed to the promotion of Sino-Japan academic exchanges. He has actively introduced China's efforts and achievements in cultural heritage conservation to the international academic community.

Lecture 2: Historical and Cultural Connotations of the Central Axis of Beijing

Beijing has two central axes. One, located at Binhe Road outside Guang'anmen Gate, was the central axis of the Mid-Capital of the Jin dynasty, which was inherited from the central axis of Bianjing, capital of the Song dynasty; the other, as the central axis of the Old City of Beijing, was inherited from the central axis in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, the Republic of China and new China. The central axis of the Old City of Beijing, with highly profound links to history and culture, serves not only the spirit of Beijing but is also a dynamic cultural heritage, which has been submitted for World Heritage site listing. In this lecture, the audience may understand the central axis of Beijing from the four aspects of harmony, advancing with the times, inclusiveness and colorfulness.

Keynote Speaker: Li Jianping

He is the Chairman of Beijing History Research Association and Director of Academic Committee of Beijing Studies Research Base of Beijing Union University. He has long been committed to research into Beijing's history and culture. His research field includes Beijing Imperial City, city walls and gates, streets, alleys and hutongs, quadrangle dwellings, gardens, etc. He has published over 100 academic articles, including"Streets and Alleys and Historical Events of Beijing","Beijing Urban Landscape and Cultural Heritage","City Walls and Gates of Beijing", etc. His academic masterpieces include Beijing Cultural Heritage, Charm of the Central Axis of Beijing, The Imperial City–Walking into the heart of old Beijing, etc. His speeches"Charming Beijing, Rhythmic Central Axis" in the"Lecture Room" program series of CCTV found great favor with the audience.

On the Central Axis of Beijing, there are magnificent imperial buildings, simple and unsophisticated residences, redolent with age-old city memories. It is not only the central landmark of Beijing, but also expresses the splendor of Chinese civilization.

Wishing the Central Axis of Beijing early success in applying for the World Heritage listing


Registration Date: November 1, 2019, 10:00-12:00

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