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Date:October 27 - October 28, 2019

Museum Embraces Change and Museum Practitioners Pursue Innovation - Symposium on "Development of Contemporary Museum and Exhibition Interpretation" Being Held Successfully

On Oct. 27-28, 2019, a symposium on "Development of Contemporary Museum and Exhibition Interpretation", jointly hosted by the Capital Museum of China and the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada, and co-organized by Tianjin Museum, Hebei Museum and China Science Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. (CSOM), was successfully held at the Capital Museum. 

Based on the two elements of "interpretation" and "development of contemporary museum", the symposium invited about 150 museum experts and scholars from home and abroad to engage in discussions on topics such as the preparation and construction, reconstruction and expansion of museums, and how to strengthen the interpretation of museum exhibitions through texts, style design and multimedia interaction. Through roundtable, keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive exchanges, the symposium engaged in deep discussions on how the museums can best play its role and give full play to being a positive effect as a cultural linkage and cultural hub in the new historical era, providing new ideas and methods for sustainable museum development. 

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