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Date:October 27 - October 28, 2019

Directors' Roundtable of Development of Contemporary Museums and Exhibition Interpretation

In order to deepen mutual understanding between museum experts and scholars, and promote the successful organization of the symposium, on the afternoon of Oct. 27, the “Directors' Roundtable of Development of Contemporary Museums and Exhibition Interpretation” was held as the initial event.

At the roundtable, Huang Xueyin, deputy director of the Capital Museum, introduced the background of the preparation of the international symposium. And then each museum director respectively introduced their own museum’s background, work experiences and expectations for the symposium.

The Capital Museum of China and the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada exchanged visits in 2017 and 2018, and the two sides have signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation. Over the years of construction of the National Cultural Center, the Capital Museum of China has made bold attempts to achieve diversified presentations of exhibitions based on the experience of holding regional cooperation exhibitions, combining its own positioning and the development requirements of the time. Focusing on the three series of “Interpreting a Brilliant China, Showcasing Smart Beijing and Promoting Exchanges among World Civilizations”, the Capital Museum of China planned a series of relevant exhibitions with its own unique characteristics. Furthermore, the construction of the East Branch of the Capital Museum of China will soon start at the sub-center of Beijing. In the future, this will form a development model of “One Museum with Two Locations”, and provide the masses with more high-quality public cultural products. Based on the academic resources and power of the University of Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada was the first to propose the concept of “Exhibition Interpretation”. It has a solid theoretical basis and rich practical experience in the field of planning, interpretation and dissemination of exhibitions, and also enjoys a good cooperative relationship with museums in China.

The foreign guests invited to attend the roundtable were Josh Basseches, director and CEO of the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada, Shen Chen, vice president of the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada, Jennifer Czajkowski, deputy director and engagement coordinator of the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada, and Lars-Christian Koch, director of the Berlin State Museum’s collections at the Humboldt Forum: Ethnological Museum und Museum of Asian Art. The Chinese guests present at the roundtable were Bai Jie, secretary of the Party Committee of Capital Museum, Luo Xiangjun, director of Hebei Museum, Ma Xiaolin, director of Henan Museum, Wei Jun, professor of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Museology of Fudan University in Shanghai, Han Zhanming, director of the Capital Museum of China, Li Mingbin, president of Chengdu Museum of Sichuan Province, Qian Zhaoyue, vice president of the Suzhou Museum of Zhejiang Province, Jin Fei, director of Capital Museum of China, and two deputy directors, Huang, Xueyin and Yang Wenying.

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