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Date:October 27 - October 28, 2019

Development of a Contemporary Museum and Exhibition Interpretation

On the morning of October 28, the "Development of a Contemporary Museum and Exhibition Interpretation" officially began. The opening ceremony was hosted by Han Zhanming, director of the Capital Museum of China. To begin with, Wang Cuijie, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, and Josh Basseches, director and CEO of the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada, gave welcome addresses. Later on, a speech video from An Laishun, vice chairman of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), vice director and secretary general of the Chinese Museums Association, was screened. Finally, Gong Liang, director of Nanjing Museum, and Josh Basseches, director and CEO of the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada, gave keynote speeches.


Wang Cuijie 

Deputy director of Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage

Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, as the administrative department in charge of domestic institutes of cultural heritage and museology in Beijing, has always attached great importance to the development of museum undertakings. We are committed to telling Chinese stories and trying to further polish the golden card signifying Beijing's history and culture. All kinds of exhibitions held by the museums in Beijing, represented by the Capital Museum of China, have fully demonstrated the excellent culture with different characteristics long prevailing in Beijing. The exhibitions and contents of museums are being enriched and optimized through art loans, itinerant exhibitions and the sharing of cultural relics resources between various museums. Moreover, many more excellent exhibitions have constantly been launched, and are well received and praised by audiences. And through these enthusiastic visits, higher expectations for museums have been put forward, which are conducive to promote the upsurge of museum renovation, expansion and new construction. Thus, new requirements have emerged for innovative interpretation of the exhibition. 

We hope the experts and scholars at home and abroad will take this symposium as a platform to widely exchange ideas on the methods of museum development under different national conditions and cultural backgrounds. We believe this symposium will further enhance the international vision as well as improve the professional quality of our museum staff in Beijing, and provide new impetus for museums to broaden their horizons, explore new methods and make new developments.

Josh Basseches

Director and CEO of the Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum of Canada is a museum encompassing a rich natural culture and art collections. And it is worth mentioning that it has a very rich collection of Chinese art and culture. The Royal Ontario Museum has long established cooperation with China, which has contributed to the bringing of Chinese exhibits to the North American audience.

With the support of the city of Toronto and the province of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada has begun to provide more services for Chinese groups, bringing an extraordinary museum experience to local and international visitors.

The Royal Ontario Museum brought the Dior exhibition to the China National Silk Museum. The museum of Xuzhou has just completed a special Egyptian exhibition based on the exhibits of Royal Ontario Museum. Next year, the exhibition of the blue whale, held by the Royal Ontario Museum, will also be officially displayed in the Guangdong Museum.

The Royal Ontario Museum has forged a profound friendship with China, which is seen as conducive to increased cooperation between the museum circles in China and Canada. Indeed, this kind of friendship and cooperation is deeply rooted in history.

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