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Research on Oracle Bones Scripture


Special Issue

Research on Oracle Bones Scripture

• Five Cases of Oracle Bones Splicing

Sun Yabing

• The Splicing and Explanation of a Case of Oracle Plastron of Bin Group

Zhang Juntao

• Two Reading Notes of Oracle Bones

Liu Fenghua

• Review on Oracle-bone Scripture    

Gao Limei 


• The Folio of Rubbings from the Old Collection of Oracle Bones in Huiyuan in the National Library of China and other Folio of Rubbings relevant Oracle Bones    

Zhao Aixue 

• Explanation of  and  on Oracle Bones of Chu Group from Yin Ruins

Zhang Yi 

• The Natural Mother of Xiao Ji based on One Cun Zhongnan Oracle Bone Inscription

Zuo Yong


Theoretical Research

• Research on Weights and Measures from Zhongshan State of the Warring States Period

Xu Wenying

• Analyze the Gzi Unearthed from Tikemaker Cemetery in Kuqa

Dai Junyan, Ruan Qiurong

• Textural Research on the Li Pi's Epitaph of Tang Dynasty    

Lu Xiaofan 

• The Officials and Monks from Beshbaliq of the Mongol and Yuan Dynasties: On Uighurs’ Sinolization and their Contributions to Khanbaliq

Lin Meicun

• The Innovation of Ceramic Vessels for Wine and the Study on its Historical Reasons

Zhang Mi

• A Preliminary Study on the Clothing Patterns of Brahma and Indra in the Zhihua Temple    

Yang Wei 

• Liu Zijiu's Career of Art and the Relationship with Jin Cheng and Hushe Painting Association    

Zhao Yanling 

Museum Practice

• Exploring American Museum Kindergarten and its Enlightenment to China: From the Perspective of Ecology of Education    

Zhou Jingjing, Gao Zihan

• Study of Public Archaeological Practice in National Treasure    

Ju Rongkun

• The New Image: The History of Luoyang City Museum (1958-1966)    

Liu Xiujuan