Hand in Hand · Happiness and Harmony | Set a Date at the Capital Museum on the Double Seventh Festival

August 7, 2019, 18:00-19:30 The Capital Museum 100 adult couples

The Double Seventh Festival, also called The Begging Festival, falls on August 7 this year. According to the legend, this day is also the Chinese Valentine's Day when the"Cowboy" and the"Spinning Maid" reunite annually. As the day draws near, the Capital Museum has carefully planned a variety of activities, so that you may spend a unique Double Seventh Festival with your loved one.

Opening Hours Extended

On August 7, the Capital Museum will not close before 8:00 PM, so as to extend the visiting time in the Museum.

Special Event for You and Your Companion

Listening to Folk Customs of the Festival; Appreciating Cultural Relics that Symbolize Love

On August 7, there will be instructors at the three exhibitions,"Past Stories of Beijing – Folk Customs of the Old Beijing","Selected Artworks of Ancient Ceramics", and"Selected Artworks of Ancient Jade Relics", to introduce the folk customs of the Festival in Beijing and present selected ceramics and jade relics that symbolize love.

Creating Colorful Sand Paintings

Lovers and couples may participate in a special dating activity. Drawing on the love elements in the collection"White Jade Round Box with Lovebirds-shaped Handle" for inspiration, participants can jointly make creative colorful sand paintings.

White Jade Round Box with Lovebirds-shaped Handle, Song Dynasty (960~1279)

The round box, made of white jade, is smooth and exquisite, with yellow crevices in some parts, caused by erosion. At the top of the box is a pair of lovebirds, with their mouths and chests connected. the head crest, eyes and feathers of the birds are carved with parallel fine intaglio lines. The box is skillfully designed to present two pairs of lovebirds when opened. The relic was still shiny when it was first unearthed. The jade box is an example of a superior and exquisite work of Song Dynasty jade.

Visitors with reservations should enter through the north gate of the Capital Museum at 17:30, collect their tickets at the Ticket Office, assemble at the Information Counter at 17:45 and enter the exhibition hall with instructors.

Purchasing Exquisite Cultural and Creative Accessories at Discount Prices

On August 7, stores selling cultural and creative goods at the Capital Museum (except for goods sold in vending machines) will offer a 33% discount. This offer is only valid on August 7. In addition, the"Beauty-like Jade" series of exclusive accessories will be launched. This series of accessories, both in gold or silver, are embellished with magnificent jewels and gems. It is time to give your companion a romantic gift on Chinese Valentine's Day.

"Beauty-like Jade" – Archaic Jade of the Capital Museum–"Folding Flowers" series of accessories are inspired by the Museum's"Greenish White Jade Pendant with the Pattern of Folding Flowers" artefact, which brims with the rustic charm of wooded mountains enjoyed by the nomadic people in the North. Its design of a flower and nine petals is simple yet charmingly romantic and implies auspiciousness.

"Beauty-like Jade" – Archaic Jade of the Capital Museum –"Harmonious Lovebirds" series of accessories are inspired by the Museum's"White Jade Round Box with Lovebirds-shaped Handle" artefact. Pairs of lovebirds mounted on the accessories stand for conjugal affection and everlasting love.

Sharing a Sweet Set Meal on Chinese Valentine's Day

On August 7, the coffee shop and the buffet restaurant on the ground floor will provide a Special Sweet Set Meal (¥99 per set, which includes a Cafe Americano and tasty cakes for two, 100 sets available only on the day). Celebrate the special day with your loved one and spend an unusual Double Seventh Festival at the Capital Museum!

The Capital Museum, with its delightful atmosphere, warm and homely environment and colorful activities, is definitely a great place for a date on the Double Seventh Festival!


Registration Date: August 7, 2019, 18:00-19:30

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